Aims of the Forum

Forum for Global Challenges 2022, Birmingham

Catalysing solutions for the global challenges 


The Forum for Global Challenges is a major international meeting that will showcase and generate solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by our planet and its people, from climate change and destruction of the natural world, to rising inequality, especially exacerbated by climate change and the global pandemic.

Join us for a unique programme of the inaugural Forum in Birmingham, 3-5 May 2022.

The need for action

The world faces significant challenges – from living with the devastating impacts of climate change, the destruction of the natural world to the effect of pandemics on jobs and livelihoods – making the need to find and create new solutions to these challenges an urgent priority. Yet the response to global challenges has long been slow and inadequate, with low- and middle-income countries bearing a lot of the impact.

The inaugural Forum is a 750-delegate, hybrid event, combining face-to-face conference at the ICC Birmingham in May 2022,  delivered together with a fully online interactive format.

The Forum brings together, not only world leaders, but also business and thought leaders, policy makers, practitioners and academics from around the world, with the aim of generating international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary responses and solutions to global challenges. The inaugural Forum will catalyse action on the most pressing global challenges: climate change and inequality

Our commitments

The challenges of climate change and inequality have informed the entire Forum concept and we have taken steps to ensure they are embedded throughout our work, including: 

  • Co-created, multi-perspective programme with participants from different sectors, regions and backgrounds
  • Hybrid design, incorporating virtual, regional and international events which offer low-carbon and low-cost participation routes
  • Adopting sustainability and environmental best practice for events management
  • High number of ticket subsidies for non-profit and LMIC participants

Why attend the Forum?

  1. Make a positive impact

       Showcase your policy, societal and technical solutions, and widen their reach and impact 

  1. Interact with global thought-leaders and pioneers 

       Discover successful practical solutions and novel approaches.

  1. Build new partnerships

        Interact with global thought-leaders, visionaries and pioneers, and make new connections and build partnerships, in and beyond your sector or


Legacy and impact

Through our continued engagement with regional and international stakeholders, the Forum will have a far-reaching legacy. We have five main ambitions:

  • Inform policy and practice at the local, national and global levels
  • Convene effective, solution-focused collaborations and coalitions
  • Educate the next generation of leaders, practitioners, policymakers and the public
  • Develop international initiatives
  • Inspire engagement of the public, and especially youth, in addressing these challenges

These activities will be delivered, sustained and developed further through the agendas of the partners involved in the Forum, like UNESCO and the World Bank; through the deep involvement of policy makers in co creating and delivering the Forum; and through new collaborations between industry, policy makers, academia and NGOs to develop and deliver these solutions.

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